The company

MyCVthèque is the most ergonomic and efficient application management software!

Since 2004, Prestadev, editor of MyCVthèque, major application in the e-recruitment field, is a consulting firm specialized in Internet and informatics projects.

Prestadev is an effective HR software publisher, offering multiple expertise fields:

MyCVthèque is developed by a team including various experts of issues linked to the HRM and to the solutions for application management as well as professionals about the development of ergonomic, performing and scalable software.


Our priority: optimizing recruiting time

Optimizing recruiting time is our priority. We are aware that this process may be time-losing.

As publishers of effective recruitment software, we are committed to provide you with a software that can significantly and practically improve your HRM.

Simplify CV tracking:

MyCVthèque will quickly become an inevitable solution in your service or your company to simplify the follow-up of CV, to establish a database of your candidates, or to search in full text in your qualified pool. On our site, you can get a demo of our recruitment assistant software based on your needs and the size of your company.

Improve its HRM:

Software to improve its HR through IT is a serious option to consider for all companies involved in HRM and recruitment. For this, our company has developed its software solution for hiring in the company. Thanks to a multidisciplinary expertise and a long-standing field experience, MyCVthèque is complete and powerful, yet easy to use.
MyCVthèque is the software to improve its HRM easily and in accordance with the culture of each company. With scalable and ergonomic software you gain in efficiency in publishing your ads, managing interview schedules or recruiting or searching through your sample candidate database.

A modular application platform:

Working with an effective HR software publisher such as MyCVthèque gives you access to a modular application platform with the benefits of Open Source technologies. These technologies are synonymous with adaptability to your professional problems and reliability in everyday life, and are also an advantage in terms of data security.