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Our solution, offered in the rental mode, and hosted by us through our Data Center, ensures a high-quality technical platform, especially in terms of data security (backup, bandwidth, etc.), which can respond immediately to any further development.

You can delegate all the technical part to better focus on your job, while some experts take care of your data.

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Effective Recruitment

The management of applications by computer is an interesting opportunity to be grasped for all the trades or companies required to carry out an HRM and an effective recruitment. To this end, our company has developed an enterprise recruitment manager software thanks to a multidisciplinary expertise and a longstanding field experience. Based on deep values of integrity and professionalism, we have a deontology that allows us not to claim a skill or experience without actually having it.

Maximum return on investment

Acquiring our application tracking software also allows you to benefit from our experience in developing e-business and e-recruitment projects. With our CV processing software, we make every effort to ensure maximum return on investment. You can use our software to promote a qualitative approach and develop the reputation of your company through recruitment.

Managing applications is easy and accessible

Application management becomes easy and accessible, with scalable and ergonomic software. You save time for publishing your ads, managing interview or recruitment calendars, or sending emails to candidates, for example. Our application management solution will revolutionize the way you work on a daily basis.

Available permanently and simultaneously

MyCVthèque is a solution SAAS (in the Cloud), available continuously and simultaneously for several speakers. Solution updates are seamless, availability is guaranteed and data is systematically backed up