Small business management software

It favours a qualitative approach

It develops the company’s fame

It frees companies from technical constraints

Understand everything in 150 secondes! This video presents in 120 seconds the main functions of MyCVthèque.

Are you looking for HR management software for small and medium-sized businesses? MyCVthèque is your preferred choice!

Talent management

  • List of the new applicants that have applied to your offers, accessible clicking on the associated number.
  • All the CVs contained in the database, classified by their status.
  • Listing of the applicants found in the database, classified by category.
  • You can adjust your list of applicants using the proposed filters.
  • The list of applicants, displayed in tabular form.
  • Each column may be filtered.
  • Management of the relationship with the applicant: mailing, automatic or manual answer.
  • Overview of the applicant’s original CV
  • Multi-criteria research of the applicants with sorting of results
  • “Full-text” research in the CV, cover letter or further notes concerning the applicants.
  • Geographic research, research by period
  • To create new applicant profiles, you can import their CV by semantic analysis, and their form will be automatically completed.
  • Or you can batch import them, simply downloading all the talents to add to your pool.
  • The functions to manage your applicants will be accessible: you can edit their profiles, apply to the offers, drafting a note...
  • File attachments: CV, cover letter...
  • History of the offers the candidate has applied to
  • History of the applicant’s tracking. Your notes about the applicant matching to the offers below are listed here.
  • Tracking, traceability and history of all the applicant’s actions
  • Schedule your tasks with the applicants
  • Find a match between applicants and job offers.
  • Fill in the lacking information, then enter.
  • Submit an applicant sheet to an operational manager or to a client
  • Keep the link with your talents by email.
  • Calculate the travelling time of an applicant towards his/her
  • Generate some reports about your talents

Job offer manager

  • Management of job offers by category, by status
  • Multi-criteria, full text research by company, applicant, consultant
  • Number of applications by offer
  • Creation, editing and publication of the offers
  • Application tracking
  • List of applications
  • In this insert, you can see the details about the position, the recruiting criteria and conditions...
  • Below, you can see the name and the email address of the consultant managing this offer
  • Applicant tracking table stating the progress of the application and possible descriptions of this progress
  • Each column may be filtered
  • In this insert, you can see the details about the position, the recruiting criteria and conditions...
  • The candidates having already applied to this offer are displayed in this table stating the progress of applications
  • Each column may be filtered
  • Editing, copying, submitting, printing your offer
  • Information about the management of the offer
  • Description of the offer content and the researched profile
  • Media management
  • To submit the CV of one or more applicants, just click on the “Submit” button.
  • Then, select the contact to which you wish to send some documents
  • Select the attached files according to the candidate applying to the offer. You can also write a message.


  • Generate an Excel table, displaying the application status for each offer selected.
  • Obtain the results of the applications, according to the media in which the job offers have been diffused
  • Obtain the applicants’ results with the related amount of trackings
  • Obtain a cartography of your applicants related to the selected criteria