Functions of MyCVthèque

With MyCVthèque, you can reduce your administrative tasks, automate the applicant registration process, create a pool of qualified CV, have a complete application tracking tool.

MyCVthèque is a simple-use, ergonomic and carefully designed tool, perfectly and rapidly integrating to your existing website.

With MyCVthèque, a constant evolution is guaranteed through your feedback, our reresearch and partners.

Amount of CVs Unlimited
Amount of offers Unlimited

“Turnkey” recruitment page for your website

MyCVthèque provides your company with a professional communication tool focused on the job market.

  • Multi-criteria research engine of the offers with sorting of results
  • Online, unsolicited or job posting applications
  • Configuration of job offer displaying

Pool of applicants

MyCVthèque allows you to keep the applications sent to the company to create a recruiting pool.

  • Analysis of emails and forms sent through your website or partner websites
  • Recognition of CV fields (PDF, DOC, RTF) and automatic integration to the database
  • Multi-criteria applicant reresearch with sorting of results
  • Full-text reresearch in the CV, the cover letter or further notes concerning candidates
  • CV classification according to the compatibility with a job offer
  • CV classification according to the exhaustiveness of applicant data entered
  • Management of the relationship with applicants: mailing, automatic or manual response
  • Tracking, traceability and archiving of all applicant actions

Manager of job offers

MyCVthèque facilitates job offer drafting and diffusion.

  • Creation, editing and publication of the offers
  • Management of job offers by departments / subsidiaries
  • Management of schools, partners and diffusion media
  • Job posting on your website
  • Email sending through partner websites
  • Real-time statistics by offer and medium
  • Matching of an offer with the CVs contained in the database
Automatic offer mailing to your media Option
Viewer of attached file

Assistant to the recruiting process

MyCVthèque facilitates offer drafting and their diffusion

  • Management of the answers to an offer
  • Comments about CVs
  • Data export in MS Office format
  • Mailing of selected applications to operating agents or managers
  • Mailing to the applicants
  • Tracking of the interview’s feedback with the operating agents and archiving
  • Tracking of the recruiting steps by position or by applicants
Standard statistics
Administrator Module
Semantic analysis

CRM Module

MyCVthèque facilitates the management of your missions or those of your clients

  • Creation and editing of clients and subsidiaries
  • Management of contacts
  • Management of client tracking
  • Client integration, from contacts to missions
  • Appointment booking directly through Outlook
Company Module

Reporting tools about your indicators

Quantitative and qualitative statistics of your e-recruitment or reclassification actions
Applicant personal page Option
Service manager Option






The benefits of MyCVthèque: an immediate return on investment

  • It improves the processing time of job offers and applications
    Through the automation of job offer diffusion, the advanced research tools of the application database and the integration functions of job offers/applications, MyCVthèque makes recruiters more responsive.

  • It favours a qualitative approach
    The analysis tools of MyCVthèque ensure a quick identification of applications that better match the profiles sought.
    Applicants are better targeted and the recruiter has more time to meet them.
  • It develops the company's fame
    In the job offer websites, all job offers look alike!
    Build a personalized and reliable recruitment page on your website.
    Establishing a direct link with the applicants, you enhance the fame of your company.
  • It capitalizes and centralizes any information about recruitment.
    The application and job offer database, the collaborative tool of recruitment tracking, the history of the relationship with an applicant allows you to create a real strategy of Applicant Relationship Management (management of the relationship with the job market).

  • It frees companies from technical constraints.
    MyCVthèque is an ASP solution (ensuring a secured Internet access), constantly and simultaneously available to several actors.
    The solution updates are transparent, availability is guaranteed and data are systematically saved.